Squeeze 2Baby cleverly combines a professionally developed post-natal full-body exercise plan with an award winning programme to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are under a great strain during the pregnancy and the labour. Restoring the pelvic floor strength after the childbirth is crucial, although unfortunately often neglected, for the woman’s body to recover successfully.

The Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan has been carefully developed by experienced physiotherapists and midwifes in Finland to ensure that all exercises are safe for both the mother and the baby. The Federation of Finnish Midwifes recommends the Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan for all new mothers.


RECOMMENDED BY MIDWIFES to all new mothers

Squeeze 2Baby is a unique post-natal training plan for all new mothers who want to tone and strengthen their body to recover from the pregnancy and childbirth. When the mother feels well and content, her baby does too!

All exercises have been professionally designed to aid the mother’s speedy recovery from the pregnancy and the labour and to support the development of the baby’s motor skills and a strong attachment bond between the mother and the baby.

Price £39 (one-time payment)

Watch our 2Baby home workouts trailer

With Squeeze 2Baby the mother and the baby exercise together, sharing a fun activity together.

The Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan is for you if you want to…

strengthen and tone your body

learn to train the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth

improve bladder control and prevent incontinence and prolapses

enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure

share a fun activity together with your baby

support your baby in learning new motor skills

exercise easily, effectively and safely at home

strengthen the attachment bond between you and your baby

Your Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan for Mothers and Babies

Squeeze workout videos, photo illustrations and clear weekly instructions

Tutorial how to find your pelvic floor muscles

Fun & age-appropriate play-activities for your baby

Baby massage demonstration

Squeeze circuits

Baby massage demonstration

  • Workout video: 3x / wk (approx. 20 min)
  • Venus exercise: 2x / wk (approx. 2-5 min)
  • Bonus exercise: 3 / wk (approx. 5 min)
  • Baby playtime exercises: as often as you and your baby wish 

  • Couple exercise: as you desire

THE WORKOUT VIDEOS are comprehensive muscle conditioning workouts which have been designed to our inspirational Bailamama music to motivate the training. Many of the exercises are performed on the floor so you may want to use an exercise mat. The plan includes three different workout videos.


THE VENUS EXERCISES specifically target the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles benefit from varied exercises – just like any other muscle group. That is why they are trained in different positions. This also helps you learn to use your pelvic floor muscles in different situations. Venus exercises include endurance, speed power and maximum power exercises to train the pelvic floor muscles in a comprehensive way. 

THE BONUS EXERCISES are additional exercises tailored to suit either the mother or the baby in each part of the programme.

THE BABY PLAYTIME EXERCISES are play-activities providing your baby with fun age-appropriate challenges designed to support the development of the baby’s motor skills and to just have fun together with your baby. 

Pelvic floor training is great in the sense that it can also be done together with your partner. The touch and closeness of your partner is important also during this demanding time in your life. That is why we playfully challenge you to include your partner to your pelvic floor muscles training with some COUPLE EXERCISE TIPS.

In each part of the Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan
you will get the following weekly instructions:

Price £39 (one-time payment)

We promise you results if you promise to train!


All Squeeze 2Baby exercises are taught and demonstrated to you using high quality videos and clear photo illustrations by our team of professionals including physiotherapists, midwifes and pre&post-natal fitness experts.

Bailamama’s innovative “Squeeze” pelvic floor training method was developed in Finland in 2012 by Maija Kiljunen and Emilia Ek, together with a group of experienced physiotherapists and midwifes. We developed the “Squeeze” method because we wanted to give the opportunity to all women to train pelvic floor muscles in an easy and efficient, but effective, way. We want all women to enjoy the incredible benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles.

EMILIA is a midwife. She has worked at Finland’s largest women’s hospital for nearly 10 years. 

MAIJA is a physiotherapist and has for years worked with patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and pelvic floor dysfunctions.

The “Squeeze” pelvic floor training method uses 52 tested positions in which to train endurance, speed power and maximum power of the pelvic floor muscles and incorporates different breathing techniques to enhance the training.

Bailamama’s innovative pelvic floor training method is used already by thousands of women and was awarded the “Exercise product of the Year” price in Finland in 2014 as recognition of its success as a unique and innovative exercise product for women.

Feedback from Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan users

My 22lbs baby is a great training partner and challenges me at our every Squeeze workout. Justus is having a good time too!

- Vera & Justus, 7 months

Fun and enjoyable workouts (I love the music) but hard work too!

– Alice

I am so glad I started training with Squeeze 2Baby as pelvic floor training is what I really needed after my second pregnancy. Thank you!

- Anna

It is great that I can do this workout at home as I have not yet really ventured out with my baby.

– Linnea

I can really feel and see the difference after 8 weeks of training with Squeeze 2Baby. Thanks for the baby massage tips too.

– Louise

My baby keeps me awake at nights but I decided to start exercising with Squeeze workouts anyway. It has given me motivation to become more active overall.

- Anniina

The core of the Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan lies on rebuilding the strength of the pelvic floor. However, this is uniquely combined with a varied and comprehensive full body conditioning programme ensuring you get back fit again from within your core all the way to all other more visible muscle groups.

For the woman’s body to successfully recover from the hardships of the pregnancy and labour, the strength and functioning of the pelvic floor muscles need to be restored. The pelvic floor muscles form the basis for strong core muscles, abdominal and back muscles. Many women do not know that the foundation for a flat tummy lies on strong pelvic floor and core muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles also prevent and tackle some of the very common problems arising after childbirth such as urinary incontinence and prolapses. They also support the posture and increase the woman’s sexual pleasure.



Price £39 (one-time payment)